Built on SAP Business One, FORZA is the only Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed to meet the specific needs of the Managed Services and Print Reseller industry.

This is the first of a new generation of total business management software solutions from Purpose Software and can be customised to meet your individual requirements.

FORZA is a single integrated platform that streamlines and centralises business processes from financial planning, accounting and customer relationship management through to stock, meter reading and service contract management.

With a single source of data and a transparent, real-time and multi-level view of enterprise-wide operational processes, FORZA improves decision making across the business. It allows resellers to effectively track the profit/loss from every machine, contract and customer and generates accurate and timely management information across all departments in multi business subsidiaries.

FORZA is based on an open-architecture providing unlimited opportunities for future growth while maintaining the central core of your business.


and Financials

From accounting, controlling and bank reconciliations to sales and purchasing ledgers, FORZA provides a comprehensive financial management solution for the Managed Services and Print Reseller industry. It captures all financial information in a single, scalable solution.

FORZA improves cash flow management and enhances the ability to track assets and control budgets. It also helps to accelerate month-end close and deliver compliance. FORZA even has multi-lingual capabilities and tax localisations for organisations with international operations.

The cost accounting function includes cost centres for individual divisions or business units and provides full consolidation of revenues and expenses with multi-dimensional analysis for effective financial management. As a GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practice) certified application, FORZA offers a customisable chart of accounts where the order of up to 10 levels can be set.


Customer Relationship Management

FORZA has a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps to develop prospects into customers, grow sales and profitability and provide organisations with a more transparent perspective to their businesses. It tracks sales opportunities and activities from first contact to close with dashboard overviews that give a 360-degree view of customer activities including purchases, service histories and consumables for every installed device helping to maximise profitability. This allows faster, more profitable sales and enhances forecast management.

Key functionality includes The Configurator, a unique product configuration tool that streamlines the sales process. It produces a preset of all serviceable machines and compatible parts necessary to complete accurate sales orders which can be quickly and easily reproduced as required, delivering time and cost savings.



Built on SAP Business One, FORZA enhances inventory and production processes including warehouse data, stock locations, stock movements and deliveries. It provides a real-time view of stock levels, automatically accounting for orders, committed or inbound purchases enabling resellers to meet customer SLAs.

A comprehensive material requirements planning functionality provides a multilevel structured process depicting real-time production and supply chain. Simplifying the warehouse and production process enhances operational efficiency and productivity.



FORZA delivers high level of automation throughout the procurement process to improve the management of stock items and vendor master data with full warehouse, production and accounting integration. It also allows abridging procurement procedures for easier business practices.

The centralisation of master data relating to stock items and vendors makes procurement practices painless. It streamlines the handling of returns and special charges as well as helping to determine the right supplier for the right price giving greater control over costs.

right now.

and Analytics

FORZA revitalises and transforms the reporting process. It is easy to generate complex and accurate financial reports based on real-time data, which is synchronised with dashboards with up-to-the-minute business analytics, to encourage smarter and faster decision making. Being based on SAP Business One, FORZA allows reports to be created and customised to meet the individual needs of their businesses.

FORZA increases accessibility to key business data by making reporting and analytics more user-friendly, whilst reducing reliance on the IT department.



FORZA is designed around an open-architecture to eliminate the integration issues that can occur with intercompany transactions across multiple business subsidiaries. This allows the consolidation of financial data into operating reports that deliver transparency into the sales performance for each individual subsidiary.

Being SAP Business One-based, it streamlines enterprise-wide workflow processes and automates the production of a wide range of reports including warehouse inventory, branch balances, incorporated sales analysis and unposted transactions.  With localisation built-in, tax codes are accurate across the organisation, no matter the location of its residence. FORZA automates intercompany transactions to eliminate costly errors and increase productivity.



FORZA enhances the end-to-end service management process with online dashboards that can be customised to meet the specific needs of individual staff. This helps to deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness across the business.

The dashboards provide instant access to operational data, graphically displayed in easy to read formats, including real-time views of the status of all jobs and engineers. Field-based staff can view their assigned calls and access detailed account information showing contacts, device locations and service histories. Service manuals can be accessed and the availability of parts and consumables can be checked on site.

FORZA improves the management of service departments by providing a real-time overview of operational performance to quantify efficiency and analyse SLA attainment levels.